Team Building Events

Host your company team-building event at Chefs on Main. Our venue and restaurant are perfectly situated to provide all aspects of your event. The venue is perfect for groups from 60 to 600. Team-building activities are not included in the venue hire. Add catering to the event. Just ask us about our Team Building Events Menu.

Team Building Activities

  • Giant Obstacle Course
  • Suitable for groups from 60 to 600
  • A giant, portable obstacle course that has something for everyone and provides great entertainment for participants and spectators.
  • Giant Foosball
  • Suitable for groups of 16 to 100
  • Players are attached to each other and are only able to move from side to side.
  • Variations include blind ball and giant marbles
  • Survivor Team Challenge
  • Suitable for groups from 8 to 250 people
  • Teams compete against each other in various challenges.
  • Tribal Drumming
  • Each delegate is supplied with a drum and introduced to drumming by a professional team.

Other Activities include:

  • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Movie Making
  • Laser War Games
  • Archery
  • MasterChef
  • Potjie Competition

These are just some of the ideas that we have – talk to us for more information on team-building events.

Team Building Adventures

Team-Building Adventures can help you facilitate your team-building event. They have a wide range of activities to suit all ages and budgets. Below are a few options to consider: Please note, Team-Building Adventures are not included in venue hire.

Inflatable Sports & Events

Teams of participants compete against the clock, as they have to make their way through the giant inflatable obstacle course. The obstacle course has something for everyone and physical strength and fitness is not a pre-requisite to be able to participate. We have various programmes which can be “toned” up or down depending on the individual or group.

Giant Foosball

Comprises of an inflatable perimeter wall and goal posts. Players are able to only move from side to side and they are attached to each other. Teamwork is essential to get to the ball and to pass the ball between team members while trying to score a goal. Giant Foosball is suitable for both big and small groups. Players have to be physically able; however fitness is not a pre-requisite.

Crazy Sports

Choose from a wide selection of activities and design your own customised event. Each team will create a flag and an anthem. The teams will then rotate between the challenges every fifteen minutes. Points are awarded to the teams according to the positions in which they finish.

Survivor Team Challenge

This is a fun interactive programme where teams participate in various challenges which include creating a team flag and war cry, a Bug Eating Relay, Leading the Blind, Katty Shootout, Jolly Jumper and Tumbling Towers. This is a two to three hour programme. If you choose a three to four hour programme we add another four challenges which include the Key Grab, Ball Float, Stretcher Race and Ball Maze.


We all know the basics, bow, arrow and a target that looks like a collection of multicoloured circles. From there it starts to get a bit more challenging, it is not an Olympic sport for nothing.

Movie Making

This is a fun, highly interactive programme where every single person is able to get involved, regardless of their age, level of fitness or physical abilities. Each team works together to write a script, produce, direct and act in a “Movie” or “Advert” using the resources provided. Teams are given a “Movie Making Kit” which contains an assortment of materials, props and goodies. Everyone has to tap into both their creative and practical abilities as they start to produce their movie. This can be followed by a “Night at the Oscars!”

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Uses authentic over and under 12 bore shotguns, but fire a laser beam at clays in a perfectly safe environment. There is no “kick” however computer controlled sounds contributes to the realism. Conventional clay pigeon shooting has 1 clay, 1 shot and one person while Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting has 1 clay, 10 shots and 5 people shooting, with a computer that determines within one thousandth of a second the order of hitting the clay.


Is an interactive, audiovisual event that will ensure a “mini cranium work out”, while encouraging great social interaction between delegates. Basic arithmetic and “word games” (which can include words in Afrikaans, English, Zulu and Xhosa) are the order of the day as “ever changing” teams try and find the best solution within the given time frame.

Brand Jamming

Is suitable for groups looking for a fun, entertaining, non-physical event. The group is split into smaller project teams and made responsible for a section of a large art “Masterpiece.” No one in the group is aware of what this “Masterpiece” looks like, however teams will need to collaborate and work together to make sure that they are all on the right track.

Project Steam

Is a fun, technical, non-physical event suitable for managerial groups. Small project teams are given what appears to be a box full of scrap metal and junk. Following a set of detailed instructions the team build and then race model steam cars.

The Indoor Team Challenge

Is a unique programme in which teams of participants compete against each other in a series of specially designed “indoor activities”. The challenges are different, fun and mentally stimulating and can include Pocket Rocket Football, Towering Food, Floating on Air, Sliding Puzzle, Abstract Art and Interactive Telly!


Each delegate is supplied with a drum and then introduced to drumming by a professional team of drummers. Individuals work together creating an unbounding network of rhythm offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

KAPPA 5-A-Side Soccer